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21 North Terrace

Adelaide , South Australia

 Building Services*Structural*Electrical*Mechanical

We worked closely with Giordano Architecture on the three-story addition to the existing North Terrace office building for Luca Group Pty Ltd in Adelaide.

Together with Giordano Architecture, we were able to employ a holistic approach to the redevelopment, as we had also worked collaboratively on the original build 5 years ago. Two additional stories included large balconies with fantastic views of the Adelaide Oval.

The Details

  • New floors comprised of Hebel flooring supported by structural steel framing

  • Substantial North facing steel framed cantilevered balconies on the new upper floors

  • Seismic assessment and upgrade. New in situ reinforced concrete walls and lift shafts incorporated into all floors (new and existing) to stabilise the building

  • Retrofitting of existing structure also included strengthening of existing concrete columns by steel encasement and widening of existing foundations

  • Building Modelled using ETABS 3D structural package

  • Extensive consultation and collaboration with the builders during the construction phase to assist with temporary works. Critical items included:

  • Design of temporary bracing to support the existing basement walls due to the imposed surcharge loading of the tower crane which was situated at street level

  • Design of temporary props to support unsupported existing floors when new structural elements were cut in

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