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Condition Audit - Marine Assets

Kangaroo Island, South Australia

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Flexi Engineers worked with Kangaroo Island Council to undertake a Structural Condition Audit of existing Marine Assets across 5 marine-based locations. For this project Flexi, in collaboration with Adelaide Commercial Divers, investigated and reported on the structural condition of a variety of Marine structures, both above and below water level.

Underwater imagery provided by Adelaide Commercial Divers.

Marine assets included:

This assessment provided the KI Council with a baseline record of the condition in order to:

  • Christmas Cove Marina

  • Emu Bay Boat Ramp

  • Emu Bay Jetty

  • Bay of Shoals Boat Ramp

  • American River Boat Ramp

  • Baudin Beach Boat Ramp

  • Plan for and manage the delivery of the required level of future maintenance.

  • Avoid premature asset failure and enable the option of cost-effective renovation.

  • Manage risk and plan for asset failures and mitigate consequences of failure.

  • Determine expenditure requirements through understanding remaining asset life.

  • Refine maintenance and rehabilitation strategies and priorities.

  • Enable informed decisions in regards to long term maintenance vs. asset replacement.

Scope included:

  • Site audit – below and above water level

  • Specifications for repair, remediation and long term maintenance

  • 10 Year Capital Expenditure and Maintenance Forecast for each particular asset

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