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Construction Assistance


Flexi Engineers provides construction assistance services for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Construction assistance includes a wide range of engineering inspections and reports. One of our structural engineers will work side-by-side with the building surveyor throughout the project to ensure all regulatory requirements are met and the structural design intent of the building is achieved.

We provide engineering assistance from commissioning advice to structural advice throughout construction to practical completion and defects liability. In addition, we have access to support services, such as geotechnical testing, NATA-accredited material laboratory testing facilities and a broad range of non-destructive investigation procedures.

When you choose Flexi Engineers to provide construction assistance services, we will undertake routine structural inspections and reports at the appropriate stages of the project. Near the end of your project, we provide the building surveyor with a certificate of inspection so they can issue a Certificate of Occupancy.


Why Flexi Engineers for Construction Assistance?

Builders, engineers, and architects trust Flexi Engineers to undertake construction assistance on a wide range of projects. We understand the nuances of complex projects and have the experience and technical knowledge to overcome challenges. In addition, our highly skilled engineering specialists are known for working collaboratively with our clients, building surveyors, and other stakeholders to ensure your engineering inspections and reports are delivered on time.

We can perform construction assistance on projects designed by Flexi Engineers or by others. Our goal is to provide our clients with the confidence that we will deliver successful outcomes for their projects through robust technical advice and effective collaboration.

Our civil engineering services include:

  • Routine engineering inspections and reports

  • Construction surveillance

  • Pre-pour reinforcement inspections

  • Structural steel inspections

  • Reviewing drawings

  • Provision of Certificate of Inspection

  • Administration of defects liability, and warranty periods

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