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Electrical Engineering


Electrical Services

Flexi Engineers provides sustainable site infrastructure, integrating power distribution (LV & HV) and other site systems. Flexi Engineers develops electrical solutions which consider available options, including complete building power distribution, low voltage and high voltage electrical service design, emergency power, standby power plants and uninterrupted power supplies, and special grounding systems. Flexi Engineers Electrical Service team provides electrical solutions for urban development, transport stations, data centres, health, education, retail and office developments. Flexi's Electrical Team consists of Chartered, NER and RPEQ-accredited engineers. Flexi Engineers is an accredited designer for state power authorities (HV & LV), NBN and government projects.

Elements of these services include:

Electrical Infrastructure

Renewable and Critical Energy

  • Site precinct infrastructure

  • LV and HV electrical service design - accredited power authority designers such as the South Australian Power Network

  • Site electric distribution system incorporating transformers / kiosk

  • Switching protection and reticulation systems design

  • Determination of engineering services spatial requirements

  • NBN pathway design (accredited NBN designers)

  • Staging and temporary power engineering solutions

  • Powerline clearance assessment

  • System reliability / risk assessment

  • Electrical maximum demand calculation

Electrical Low Voltage Systems

  • Asset management / building audits

  • Submission to and liaison with authorities

  • Provision of new power supply and reticulation system design

  • Metering systems including embedded network

  • System integration to campus monitoring and management systems

  • Lighting and lighting control systems

  • Specialist lighting including light spill assessment (compliance with AS 4282), sports lighting (including sports light pole footing design)

  • Exit and emergency lighting

  • Engineering solutions including electrical maximum demand, cable calculation and switchboard design

  • System reliability / risk assessments

  • Photovoltaic systems design including structural assessment of roof support

  • Battery storage design

  • Emergency power, stand-by critical power plants and un-interrupted power supplies

  • System reliability/risk assessment

Communication Services

  • Communication infrastructure and network connectivity

  • Solutions to structured data network cabling system design

  • Telecommunication site, data centre design and cabinet layout and configurations

  • Data communication rack layouts

  • System reliability/risk assessment

Security Services

  • Security assessments

  • Security /Access control system design

  • CCTV systems design

  • Security integration to building management systems design

Why Flexi For Electrical Engineering?


Our team of Electrical Engineers have a rich depth of expertise covering a wide variety of industries and projects. The team's diverse hands-on background and deep expertise in electrical fundamentals enable them to design cost-effective, intuitive, robust solutions suited to any electrical challenge. The Electrical Engineering team work closely with our Mechanical Engineers to create complete building services solutions. Also working closely with various lighting designers and other key stakeholders, our Electrical Engineering team in collaboration with our structural team, adapt a creative thinking style to realise our client's expressive design ideas.

Our Electrical Engineering Expertise in action

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