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Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD)


Environmentally Sustainable Design is now an expectation for any new development, building or structure. It's a critical aspect of designing the communities of the future to minimise our environmental and ecological impact.

Environmentally Sustainable Design provides affordable living outcomes, improved comfort levels and environmental benefits. Flexi Engineers has developed considerable expertise in ESD that complies with statutory and voluntary certification schemes and increases the overall market value of the project.

Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) principles aim to improve the health and comfort of building occupants whilst minimising negative impacts on the natural environment during construction and throughout the lifecycle of the building.

Our ESD Consultants work collaboratively with architects and designers in the early stages of design to improve the project's environmental performance without increasing costs.

Environmentally Sustainable Design is essential to good design. By incorporating ESD in the early stages of a project, you increase the opportunity to make a sustainable difference and realise the greatest savings. Using ESD principles, we can maximise a building's performance by leveraging the passive environmental potential.

Our goal is to help clients make informed decisions on different forms of energy and methods to minimise energy and water use, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve quality of life.


We create ESD solutions tailored to our client's unique needs. We combine technical excellence and creative problem-solving with a commercial approach to deliver sustainable ESD solutions. Through the practical application of ESD principles, we design fit-for-purpose environments that add real value through energy efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and enhance user well-being, resulting in higher market values.

Our service covers the entire project life cycle, from inception and approval to documentation, construction and continuous operation. We guide clients through every stage to create a more sustainable future through the implementation of practical measures.


Why Choose Flexi Engineers for ESD?

Our Environmentally Sustainable Design expertise includes:

  • Lifecycle assessments

  • Building systems design

  • Building material assessment

  • Energy modelling

  • Water use and conservation

  • Water recycling and treatment systems

  • Photovoltaic systems (solar)

  • Dual-energy system design including co-generation

  • Energy recovery

  • Natural and electric lighting designs

  • Thermal mass assessment and design

  • Land use studies

  • Renewable energy studies

  • NatHERS assessments

  • Building Code of Australia (BCA) assessments and reports

  • Assessments for voluntary certification schemes

  • Climate change risk assessments

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions reporting

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