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Fire Protection Engineering


Fire Services

Flexi Engineers identifies the key fire services and code issues, design requirements and code equivalencies. We document systems that will reach project objectives such as the development of fire and life safety concepts, including fire service response plans; implementation methods to work towards the common fire and life safety goals; integration of code provisions to coordinate a cost-effective, efficient project approach; assistance and guidance from inception through construction; on-site reviews of existing or new facilities to identify deficiencies relative to life or property from fire; review documents, drawings, and specifications for code and project criteria; recommend solutions to maximise cost-benefit ratios; tailor fire services packages incorporating ‘deemed to satisfy and ‘performance based’, where appropriate, in conjunction with building certifier and fire authority.

A summary of our design services capability includes:

Fire Protection Services:

Fire Engineering Services:

Our Fire Services team brings market-leading expertise and experience in the design, management and administration of fire services projects. Our diverse team are equipped with academic qualifications, and professional experience to ensure successful outcomes for our clients.

A summary of our design services capability includes:

  • Building Fire and Life Safety Assessments

  • Liaisons with major stakeholders (building certifier, fire authority) to arrive at an agreed outcome for all parties

  • Automatic fire sprinkler systems

  • Fire hydrant systems.

  • Fire hose reels.

  • Portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets.

  • Automatic fire sprinkler systems.

  • Automatic fire detection and alarm systems.

  • Aspirated smoke detection systems.

  • Smoke Hazard Management (smoke exhaust/natural smoke venting/pressurisation systems, etc.)

  • Emergency warning and intercommunication systems (EWIS).

Our bespoke fire engineering solutions are custom designed with life safety, property protection and business continuity at the absolute forefront.

These solutions encompass the following services:

  • Performance solutions

  • Evacuation analysis

  • Hydraulic water supplies for fire fighting

Why Flexi Engineers For Fire Protection?


Safeguarding communities, businesses and the environment is at the very core of all Fire Protection Services. Our highly-skilled engineering team aids our clients in developing strategies to manage their fire safety and protection risks while complying with local government regulations. At Flexi Engineers we understand that keeping people safe from the dangers of fire and smoke is amongst the greatest responsibilities that we have as engineers within the building and construction industry. Leveraging the combination of science, engineering and hands-on experience, we are able to develop comprehensive fire engineering solutions for our clients.

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