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Geotechnical Engineering


Flexi Engineers provides a comprehensive geotechnical advice service. We have been conducting ground investigations for all infrastructure and construction projects with good feedback. Our multi-disciplinary team is uniquely placed to provide thorough geotechnical engineering services for all stages of your project from conception to completion.

We have provided geotechnical engineering services on a broad range of projects, including infrastructure, multi-storey buildings, housing developments, community facilities, heritage building adaptations, healthcare and medical facilities, shopping centres, aged care facilities and private residential projects.

We have developed a valuable resource by recording the results of our geotechnical investigations in our in-house database, Flexi Engineers Soils Map. This information is used not just by our engineers but is also available for external institutions and other interested parties — just one example of how our dedication to innovation sets us apart.

Whether you’re acquiring, selling, or developing land Flexi geotechnical engineers have the skills, knowledge and tools to manage even the most technically challenging projects.

Why Flexi for geotechnical engineering?

We have a strong track record of delivering high-quality geotechnical investigations and designs. Our experience spans many sectors, including urban development, retail, education, aged care and infrastructure.

Over many years of investigating the ground beneath our feet, we have developed the specialised knowledge required for managing geotechnical risk. Many geotechnical risks are hidden in the ground that can impact the success and profitability of your project. Our experienced team will comprehensively manage geotechnical risks throughout the project lifecycle.

Our geotechnical expertise includes:

  • Ground investigations

  • Geotechnical testing, including compaction testing

  • Geological impact assessments

  • Foundation and pile design for buildings and structures

  • Geotechnical investigation, analysis and design

  • Preliminary geotechnical site investigations

  • Pavement design

  • Footing system design and investigation

  • Retaining wall design and investigation

  • Earthworks planning and design

  • Temporary works design including slope stability

  • Building information modelling (BIM)

  • Forensic geotechnical investigations to determine reasons for failure

Our Recent Geotechnical Engineering Work

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