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Hydraulic Engineering


Hydraulic Services

Flexi Engineers provides hydraulic solutions such as sewer, water reticulation, hot water, gas, specialized fluid supplies, rain water harvesting and reticulation, and trade waste. We also provide other site-specific solutions to sewer drainage, sanitary fittings, water and gas distribution, and sewer treatment works.

Elements of these services include:

Water Supply Services

  • Hot/ Tempered water design including hot water plant design

  • Potable / non-potable water services

  • Rainwater reuse services

  • Pump pressurizing solutions for stations

  • Potable water treatment stations

  • Hot / Tempered hot water systems

Gas Supply Services

  • Natural gas services

  • Gas supply emergency automatic shut off

  • Gas reticulation systems

Wastewater Services

  • Sanitary plumbing and drainage systems

  • Authority connected systems to on-site disposal systems

  • Wastewater pumping stations

  • Surface and subsurface drainage systems

  • On-site wastewater management / treatment plant including grease arrestor sizing

  • Trade Waste / grease arrester

  • Roof stormwater drainage and harvesting including siphonic design

  • Rain water tank sizing

  • Drainage services

Why Flexi For Hydraulic Engineering?


Our engineers have vast experience in hydraulic designs that are practical, functional, compliant and sustainable for clients across a wide range of industries including government, residential, commercial, retail, medical, aged care, education and more. Our engineers design with water usage, efficiency and sustainability at the forefront of every solution, working closely with our multi-disciplinary team to approach every challenge holistically.

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