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Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Services

Flexi Engineers develops mechanical solutions, including specialty system design including air-conditioning and evaporative cooling systems; ventilation/fume/commercial kitchen exhaust systems; stair pressurisation and smoke spill systems; cogeneration plants; district heating/cooling systems; high-temperature hot water; power generating plants; steam generating plants; thermal storage systems; water line replacement studies and design; chilled and heated water distribution systems and automated building management systems.

We have a great portfolio of delivering many small to large multi-story projects in the defence, commercial, education, medical, residential and government sectors.


Elements of these services include:

  • Complete heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems design

  • HVAC automated controls systems and sequencing

  • Refrigeration plant

  • Building heat load and energy modelling (CAMEL / BEAVER)

  • Building management systems

  • Life cycle assessments and services cost estimates

  • Dual forms of energy (co-generation)

  • Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD)

  • National Construction Code Part J Compliance

  • CFD modelling for carpark exhaust

Why Flexi For Mechanical Engineering?


Our highly-skilled mechanical engineers and designers use their critical thinking ability to develop and implement cost-effective, intuitive, robust solutions for our client's mechanical needs. The team is comprised of mechanical and mechatronic engineers who work seamlessly with our electrical and hydraulic engineers, which means we can leverage all areas of expertise in our holistic approach to building services.

Our Mechanical Engineering Expertise in action

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