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Vertical Transportation


Vertical Transportation Services

Our Vertical Transport specialists deliver practical, performance-based solutions to ensure ease of movement throughout a building. We know that well-designed lifts and escalators improve the efficiency and usability of a building. Ensuring that these facilities are efficient, safe and reliable is essential.

Flexi Engineers has worked on all kinds of projects, including commercial, retail, high-rise accommodation and industrial projects, including travel time calculation and sizing of different vertical transportation. Our highly skilled team of engineers is committed to providing support throughout all project stages.

Elements of these services include:

  • Passenger and goods lifts

  • Escalators

  • Travellators

  • Refurbishing / replacing lifts to existing lift shaft

Why Flexi For Vertical Transport Engineering?


Finding the right vertical transport solution is often an overlooked aspect of building design, however becoming increasingly more important as buildings get larger and more complex. Our highly skilled, multi-disciplinary engineering team is able to take a holistic approach to all of your building services needs, ensuring that they develop the right vertical transport solution for your building, considering all aspects of the building's design. Our team's solutions put speed, efficiency and aesthetics at the forefront of all of their designs, bearing in mind that these key elements are highly valued not just by our clients, but by the building's patrons.

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