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Wastewater Pumping Station for SA Water

Angle Vale, South Australia

Urban Development * Environmental

Flexi Engineers was the preferred site design team for some recently installed Wastewater Pumping Stations supplied by Global Water to SA Water whilst working collaboratively with both parties for the installation.

Global Water had the requirement to supply EnviroLift Concrete Pump Stations for SA Water projects in Adelaide's fast-developing northern region. These were installed at the new Burgundy Estate and Sheidow Park developments to handle the sewer requirements.

These pump stations are constructed from high-strength concrete mould-form precast units, which offer the highest levels of engineering quality and reliability.

Key features of the EnviroLift series include:

  • Available in sizes up to ø3600 mm

  • Depths to 15m

  • Pumps up to ø 450 mm discharge size can be installed

  • Passage of solids from 20 to 150mm

  • Largest emergency storage volume - 10m3 volume per metre of depth

Characteristics of the EnviroLift series include:

1. Concrete chamber

The concrete chamber itself has a smooth, harsh, impervious finish designed to give superior wear life thanks to the combination of high strength (50MPa) Sulphate Resistant (SR) cement and Calcareous Aggregate. To withstand wearing applications, internal coatings or polyethylene linings are available as options.

2. Pumps and control panels

A complete range of pumps with specialised control panels available to suit a wide variety of applications, including effluent, sewage, tradewaste and stormwater. The submersible pumps used allow for greater flexibility of location, reducing noise and odour pollute and eliminate any pump priming problems.

3. Integral valve chamber

The EnviroLift’s integral valve chamber offers a operators a complete station as a single package - reducing installation costs. There’s also a small footprint size offering neater installation, shorter cable runs allowing for simple pump replacement and one-way valve chamber drains with very short drain line.

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